International Migration Institute

The International Migration Institute (IMI) takes a long-term and forward-looking perspective on international migration, viewing it as part of broader processes of global change and development, rather than as a problem to be solved.


Photo: © Fred Inklaar CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

As international migration becomes more complex, it raises new intellectual and practical challenges for humanity in the twenty-first century. Policies aimed at controlling the migration of people are based on a very limited understanding of migrants’ motives and the underlying mechanisms of migration. Significant gaps in research and policy explain why migration policies often fail to meet their stated objectives.

IMI pioneers new theoretical and methodological approaches, working with researchers and policy-makers in the global South and North. The aim of the Institute is to advance understanding of the multi-level forces driving current and future migration processes. This can provide the basis for policies designed to realise the potential benefits of migration for individuals and societies.

As well as forming part of the Oxford Department of International Development, IMI is a member of the Oxford Martin School, which brings interdisciplinary research to bear on the problems and opportunities of the twenty-first century. IMI also collaborates with other migration centres and researchers at the University of Oxford (see

IMI contributes to the teaching of the MSc in Migration Studies and is also involved in supervising doctoral research students.

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