Human Development, Poverty and Children

Human development – beyond per capita income, through health and education, to enabling productive, creative and autonomous lives – has long been a core theme for the department and our present strength and reputation in this field is due mainly to two research groups: the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) and Young Lives.

ODID faculty have participated in design, methodology and research for the UNDP's flagship Human Development Report since its foundation in 1990. Building human capabilities necessarily starts with children, so the department also has a tradition of research collaboration with UNICEF.

Our research in this area draws on the pioneering work of Paul Streeten (QEH Director 1971–1978) and Frances Stewart (Director 1994–2004). Research on poverty and vulnerability is also carried out by the International Growth Centre (IGC).

Shannon Philip
Research Student
Natalie Quinn
Senior Research Officer, OPHI
Elizabeth Rahman
Lucia Rost
Research Student
Anne Solon
Data Manager, Young Lives
Frances Stewart
Professor Emeritus of Development Economics
Frances Winter
Policy Officer (Gender and Youth), Young Lives


08 Jun, 2016
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25 May, 2016
Jo Boyden and colleagues launch report on young people in emerging markets at House of Lords
27 Apr, 2016
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03 Feb, 2016
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01 Feb, 2016
ESRC Features Young Lives as Case Study on Ethics of Research with Children
15 Jan, 2016
Young Lives Produce New Teaching Resource with Oxfam Aimed at Secondary School Children
13 Jan, 2016
ODID DPhil Marco Haenssgen Invited to UN Expert Group Meeting on Big Data
21 Dec, 2015
New Young Lives Report Examines Impact of MDGs on Children in 4 Study Countries
20 Nov, 2015
New Young Lives Research Shows Hitting Children in School Linked with Poorer Test Scores Later On
10 Nov, 2015
Multidimensional Poverty Indices Launched in Costa Rica, El Salvador