Economic Development and International Institutions

Development economics has been a long-standing research strength of the department, with innovative work ranging from rural poverty and enterprise technology, through macroeconomic policy and aid strategy, to international trade and foreign investment. This work is characterised by an emphasis on the testing of analytical models on primary empirical data.

In recent years, a new focus on the international economic institutions has emerged, addressing issues of financial governance, international taxation and environmental regulation.

The research groups working on this theme are the International Growth Centre (IGC), jointly with the Oxford Department of Economics and London School of Economics; and the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD). There are also a number of senior scholars in the department with individual research projects in this field.


Fieldwork photo by Jean-Benoit Falisse, DPhil in International Development

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Xiaolan Fu
Professor of Technology and International Development
Samuel Galler
Research Student
Douglas Gollin
Professor of Development Economics
Humaira Hansrod
Research Student (PRS)
Jamelia Harris
Research Student (PRS)
Barbara Harriss-White
Professor Emeritus of Development Studies
Pramila Krishnan
Professor of Development Economics
Cintia Kulzer Sacilotto
Research Student
Adeel Malik
Islamic Centre Lecturer in the Economies of Muslim Societies


15 Dec, 2016
TMCD completes MNEmerge project with high-level policy engagement conference at UNIDO
10 Dec, 2016
Valpy FitzGerald speaks at UK Global Tax Transparency Summit
02 Dec, 2016
ODID researchers co-host workshop on Twitter diplomacy at UN Office in Geneva
30 Nov, 2016
Harnessing STI progress for sustainable inclusive development: TMCD hosts inaugural Sino-UK Innovation and Development Forum
18 Nov, 2016
New book: The Quest for Universal Social Policy co-authored by Diego Sanchez-Ancochea
01 Nov, 2016
New article by Corneliu Bjola examines how to measure impact of digital diplomacy
14 Oct, 2016
Christopher Woodruff joins ODID as new Professor of Development Economics
30 Sep, 2016
Xiaolan Fu joins Leadership Council of UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
19 Sep, 2016
New World Development paper co-authored by Christopher Adam, Douglas Gollin explores public investment in Tanzania
06 Jul, 2016
Paper co-authored by Xiaolan Fu ranked among 'Most Cited Articles' in World Development


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10 Jun, 2016
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08 Jun, 2016
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25 Apr, 2016
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23 Mar, 2016
'Urbanisation in developing countries: a completely different kettle of fish'. Douglas Gollin and colleagues write in The Conversation
05 Nov, 2015
'The Politics of Economic Diversification in the Middle East'. Adeel Malik writes for Foreign Affairs
21 May, 2015
'Escaping the Middle East’s Violence Trap'. Adeel Malik co-authors article for Project Syndicate
02 Sep, 2014
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