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Dr Yasser Moullan

Research Officer, MIGRASKIL Project, IMI

Yasser Moullan is an economist specialising in the linkages between migration and health. His main research concerns the determinants, the consequences and the policy implications of medical brain drain for origin developing countries. More recently, Yasser’s research has focussed on the socioeconomic determinants of health immigrants in Europe.

Yasser has a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. He also received a Masters in Empirical and Theoretical Economics (ETE) from the Paris School of Economics and a Masters of Development Economics from University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.

Prior to joining IMI, Yasser was a research fellow at the Institute of Research and Information in Health Economics (IRDES) in Paris.

Journal Articles and Special Issues

Moullan, Yasser (with Y Bourgueil) (2014) 'The International Migration of Doctors: Impacts and Political Implications', Issues in Health Economics / Questions d'economie de la sante 203

Moullan, Yasser (2013) 'Can Health Foreign Assistance Reduce the Medical Brain Drain?', Journal of Development Studies 10 (49): 1436-52

Moullan, Yasser (with R Bazillier) (2012) 'La Protection de l'emploi influence-t-elle les flux migratoires a destination des pays de l'OCDE?', Revue Economique 3 (63): 491-99

Moullan, Yasser (with A Bhargava, F Docquier) (2011) 'Modeling the Effect of Physician Emigration on Human Development', Economics and Human Biology 2(9): 172-83

Other Publications

Moullan, Yasser (with R Bazillier) (2011) 'Labour Standards and Migration: do labour conditions matter?', Cahiers de la Maison des Sciences Economiques No. 48

Moullan, Yasser (2009) 'Can Health Foreign Assistance Break the Medical Brain Drain?', Cahiers de la Maison des Sciences Economiques No 45


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