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Dr Naluwembe Binaisa

Research Officer, IMI

Naluwembe Binaisa is a Research Officer at the International Migration Institute (IMI) working on the Mobility in the African Great Lakes project.

She is a migration specialist whose research interests include African diasporas and development, integration processes and digital technologies. Following doctoral research on the Ugandan diaspora she has worked on a range of projects focusing on African migration to understand both theoretically and empirically identity, gender and generation dynamics in transnational spaces.

Naluwembe gained her doctorate in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex where she also received an MSc in Social Research Methods and an MA in Migration Studies. She holds a BA in Communication Studies from London Metropolitan University.

Prior to joining IMI in April 2012 she worked for many years at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research, University of Sussex, gaining valuable experience on two large EU-funded international migration projects as Research Officer for IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe) network of excellence on gender, age and generations; as well as Research Fellow for the MAFE (Migration between Africa and Europe) longitudinal survey.

She is particularly interested in the role of the mobile phone, Internet and social media tools within internal, cross-border and transnational social networks and the impact on individuals, communities, policy and entrepreneurial dynamics.

Books and Monographs

Binaisa, Naluwembe, C Oeppen (2012) The African Diaspora in the UK and Their Role in Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, London: Comic Relief/Common Ground

Journal Articles and Special Issues

Binaisa, Naluwembe (2013) 'Diasporic Landscape: Theoretical Reflections on African Migrants' Everyday Practices of ', Journal of Intercultural Studies 34 (5): 553-68 (Download from external site)

Binaisa, Naluwembe (2013) 'Ugandans in Britain Making 'New' Homes: Transnationalism, Place and Identity within Narratives of Integration', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 39 (6): 885-902 (Download from external site)

Binaisa, Naluwembe (2011) 'Negotiating "Belonging" to the Ancestral Homeland: Ugandan Refugee Descendents "Return"', Mobilities 6(4)

Other Publications

Binaisa, Naluwembe (with M Collyer, K Qureshi, L McLean Hilker, C Oeppen, J Vullnetari, B Zeitlyn) (2011) 'The Impact of Overseas Conflict on UK Communities', York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation


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