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25 Sep, 2015
Side Event at UN Summit on Sustainable Development Goals to Call for Use of Global MPI
A high-level panel organised by the Republic of Costa Rica with the support of the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN) will meet this weekend to discuss how a Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) can energise a coordinated, effective and multi-sectoral attack on poverty in all its dimensions, helping to measure the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

24 Sep, 2015
Department Welcomes Mathias Czaika, Tom Scott-Smith as New Associate Professors
The department is delighted to announce that it has appointed two new associate professors

22 Sep, 2015
Former ODID DPhil Annette Idler Awarded 2015 CRS Cedric Smith Prize
Congratulations to Annette Idler, who has been awarded the 2015 Cedric Smith Prize for the best piece of peace and conflict research (broadly defined) by a UK-based student

22 Sep, 2015
Alex Betts Writes for Observer on Human Migration as Defining Issue of This Century and How to Respond
Professor Alexander Betts wrote an op-ed for ‘Comment is free’ in The Observer on Sunday, in which he illustrated how “current policy responses bypass engagement with long-term trends” in human displacement He states, “The world as a whole lacks a vision for how to respond to the changing nature of displacement

8 Sep, 2015
Nikita Sud Discusses Gujarat and Indian Development Model on Austrian Radio
Nikita Sud has taken part in a programme about the relevance of the sub-national state of Gujarat for India's contemporary model of development

4 Sep, 2015
RSC Director Alexander Betts Comments Across Media on Refugee Crisis
The Director of the Refugee Studies Centre, Professor Alexander Betts, has been sought out extensively across the media over the past month for commentary on the unfolding refugee and migrant crisis

Photo: S Sarkar

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