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13 Jan, 2016
International Migration Institute Holds 10-Year Anniversary Conference
The International Migration Institute (IMI) at ODID is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a two-day conference in Oxford

13 Jan, 2016
ODID DPhil Marco Haenssgen Invited to UN Expert Group Meeting on Big Data
ODID DPhil Student Marco Haenssgen was recently invited to contribute to a United Nations Expert Group Meeting on “Big Data and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” where he represented Oxford’s Big Data and Human Development research network In September 2015, the UN member states adopted a new agenda to end poverty by 2030

8 Jan, 2016
Xiaolan Fu Invited to Join Group of High-Level Advisors to New UN Technology Facilitation Mechanism
We are delighted to announce that Professor Xiaolan Fu has been invited to join a group of 10 high-level advisors to the United Nations' new Technology Facilitation Mechanism (TFM)

7 Jan, 2016
Latest Issue of Oxford Development Studies Now Online
The latest issue of Oxford Development Studies, ODS 44

6 Jan, 2016
Forced Migration Review 51 Exploring 'Migration Crisis' in Europe Now Online
The lates issue of Forced Migration Review, titled 'Destination: Europe' is now online

5 Jan, 2016
Miles Tendi Writes in The Conversation on British Underestimation of Robert Mugabe
In an article in The Conversation, Departmental Lecturer Miles Tendi reveals how British diplomats were caught off guard by Robert Mugabe's victory in Zimbabwe's elections of 1980

Photo: S Sarkar

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